February Newsletter

We have BIG news for tenants choosing to stay at MacEwan Greens…
Details Coming Soon!!

Congratulations to our Valentines Day Draw Winners …NORAH & JEMMA!!

$200 for anyone that helps move a new tenant into the building!!
Call the rental office for details!

Remember…we have recently changed our pet regulations to allow certain types of larger fur babies in! Please don’t hesitate to contact the rental office for more information!

Tenant Insurance
We recently had a situation within a couple suites that could have caused building damage as well as damage to personal property. As we have said in the past, we have building insurance however tenants are required to have tenant insurance for their own personal property and coverage for situations where damage or injury may be caused by the tenant.

Insurance is only about $16 – $20/month. No one thinks it will happen to them!

Visitor Parking Pass
Contact the rental office if you need one!
Display it on your dashboard and return it once your done with it! You or your visitor could be towed without it!

To all of our Residents that help out with keeping the noise down and the property looking wonderful! We do notice & appreciate YOU!! Thanks!

By | February 28, 2017
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