November Newsletter

Due to the extreme fire hazard, please be advised we do not allow real christmas trees in the building.

Come join us to “Celebrate the Season” friday December 15th, 2017. In the lobby from 4-7pm. There will be snacks and treats.

Don’t scrape that window, park inside where its warm! Inquire at the office.

Guest Suite: We are booking the guest suite very quickly for this holiday season. If you wish to reserve for your family and friends, please call the office for availability. The guest suite is now a One Bedroom and Den unit for $65.00 per night.

We also have some furniture items for sale, ask at the office.

Stay tuned for upcoming draws in December!!

Walk like a Penguin!
When things get cold and icy,
And your path looks kind of dicey,

Keep your toes all pointed out-y
Keep your knees all loosey-goosey,

Keep your hands outside your pockets,
Take short steps so you won’t rocket,

Take it slowly. Holey-moley,
So you won’t fall down and roll-y,

By | December 4, 2017
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