October Newsletter

Trick or Treat Party in the Lobby Oct 31 3pm – 5pm
We do not allow trick or treating in the building, but will have a table set up in the lobby. If you want to donate treats for the kids, please feel free to drop them off in the office, or come down to the lobby between 3pm – 5pm on October 31 and help us hand out treats to all the little ghosts and goblins.

Please be advised that for the safety of our office staff, we are no longer accepting cash in the office.
Any changes to EFT or parking needs to be in writing to the office please.
Subletting or Lease take overs are only allowed with Landlord permission, please enquire at the office.

We have recently received numerous objections about the allowance of smoking on the property. Please know that we must enforce rules and regulations put in place so that all our residents can enjoy their home. There will be no smoking permitted and can be cause for eviction if we observe a fire hazard or a continual disturbance to neighbouring tenants. Did you know? Many people are smoking marijuana with pain & illness but it is still a no-no on the property. We would like to support any residents that may use this form of treatment but we need to consider the rights of others too. Please talk to your health care provider about alternative treatments while at home such as tinctures, vaporizers, topical and edibles. With the pending changes to the legalization of marijuana, we welcome suggestions and recommendations regarding this issue. We will keep you informed when we hear what the regulations will mean for all our residents. Stay tuned. Please be courteous and take your smoking off site or look into alternative options that won’t hinder anyone’s enjoyment. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The winner of the Free Rent for a Year Contest was: Daniel Barnett who lives in the building. CONGRATULATIONS DANIEL.

We have noticed several “Welcome Matts” in the hallways of the building. As this is a FIRE REGULATION we ask that you please remove them.

By | October 19, 2017
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